Bluesound Professional Audio

Bluesound Professional Audio


      Bluesound Professional is a fusion of hardware and software that is purpose-built for high-performance networked audio for retail shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, gyms, and other commercial applications. End users can connect and control nearly any audio source, including streaming services, internet radio, or networked hard drives, while installers can confidently specify rack-mounted hardware that integrates seamlessly with smart controllers. Powered by BluOS, an award-winning multi-zone audio management software platform, made native in a comprehensive range of controllers, streamers, amplifiers, and speakers, Bluesound Professional makes commercial audio installation projects easy to configure, deliver, and use.

      For Business Owners, AV Integrators, Architects, and System Designers

      With expeirence working directly with end-users like Business Owners as well as third party solution architects like AV Integrators, Architects, or System Designers, Bluesound and KniTec are a match made in Network Audio heaven.

      More About Bluesound Professional Audio

      Unobstrusive Systems

      Bluesound Professional includes rack-mounted amplifiers and streamers, as well as wall and ceiling-mounted powered speakers. These allow for the installation of high-quality audio systems in facilities of any size. User control includes intuitive low-profile wall controllers, mobile devices and interfaces to third-party facility control systems.

      Unique Brand Experiences

      A modern, clutter-free and elegant way to build and save playlists, and continuously stream music to create a unique branded experience for your business– without CDs, FM radio, or plugging in iPods and phones.

      Flexibility and Expandability

      Multi-zone systems can be easily configured and controlled, including on-the-fly grouping of zones as needed. As facilities expand or change, the modular nature of the Bluesound Professional product range and ecosystem allows for easy and cost-effective expansion.

      Control Your Business Music

      Centrally control audio content through an intuitive software interface to design a space with a single unified ambience or separate unique ambiences. Control zones through intuitive, low-profile wall controllers or mobile devices.

      Access to Specialist Services

      Bluesound Professional products can access streaming services specifically designed for commercial applications. Use of these services can allow for music rights payments to be bundled with content to facilitate the legal use of music. New services are being added to futureproof the ecosystem.

      Audio Quality

      With high quality circuitry and componentry and the capability of replaying Hi-Res Audio and MQA content, Bluesound Professional offers clear and balanced sound that enhances, rather than detracts, from a customer’s experience.

      KniTec Knows Tip

      When you choose Bluesound Professional Products, KniTec will work on your behalf to secure industry-leading pricing. Not sure which products are best for your project? KniTec will work directly with you and Bluesound engineers to design a custom solution to fit your space and budget.