Direct-View LED

Direct-View LED

      17 products

      17 products

      Advancements in DVLED Technology

      Direct-View LED Signage has made considerable advancements in the last 5 years. Finer pixel pitches, flexible/curvable panels, and improved durability are increasingly common features. Additionally, this premium technology is now affordably priced. Previously reserved for luxury casinos, DVLED installations can be seen in many hotel lobbies, restaurants, corporate lobbies, and conference rooms.

      All-In-One DVLED 

      All-in-One (AIO) DVLED products refer to Direct View LED displays that integrate various components into a single unit, providing a comprehensive and streamlined solution for display applications. These products typically combine the LED panels, video processing hardware, control systems, power supply, and sometimes even built-in audio capabilities into a single package.

      Common features and benefits of AIO DVLED products:

      1. Compact Design: AIO DVLED displays are designed to be compact and space-efficient. They have a slim profile and a unified structure, allowing for easier installation in various settings, including retail stores, conference rooms, lobbies, and control centers.

      2. Plug-and-Play Installation: AIO DVLED products are designed for simplified installation. They come preconfigured with integrated components, minimizing the need for complex cabling and connections. Users can simply mount the display, connect power and video sources, and start using the display quickly.

      3. Integrated Video Processing: Many AIO DVLED products include built-in video processing capabilities. This eliminates the need for external video processors, reducing costs and complexity. The integrated video processing ensures seamless playback of multimedia content and supports various input formats, such as HDMI, DisplayPort, or Ethernet.

      4. Control and Management: AIO DVLED displays often come with integrated control systems and management software. These allow users to easily control and configure the display settings, adjust brightness, manage content scheduling, and perform diagnostics and troubleshooting.

      5. Audio Integration: Some AIO DVLED products also include built-in audio systems, such as speakers or audio outputs. This integration eliminates the need for separate audio equipment and simplifies the overall setup.

      Features and capabilities of AIO DVLED products can vary among manufacturers and models. When considering such products, it's important to assess the display resolution, pixel pitch, image quality, connectivity options, software compatibility, and other factors to ensure they meet your specific requirements.

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