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LG Pro:Centric


Pro:Centric is a versatile commercial application platform created by LG. It is a developer-friendly platform with powerful capabilities that you can leverage to create feature-rich hospitality applications.

Pro:Centric Cloud

Introducing cloud-based solutions for integrated management, helping hotels customize their content and deliver intuitive, interactive services to clients. Thanks to LG’s Pro:Centric Cloud technology, hotels are a home away from home.

Effective Content Management

With an intuitive suite of tools at their fingertips, users can explore and curate their own content environment, while hotel managers coordinate in- room TV channels to fit the interests of their visitors. Supported by third party collaboration, creative solutions are only one click away.

Insightful Data Collection And Analysis

  • How much time do guests spend in their rooms?
  • What channels do they prefer?
  • What are their interests and itineraries?
  • With Pro:Centric Cloud, hotels can be more responsive to the needs of their guests, by analyzing TV viewing patterns and delivering personalized insights.

Redefining Hotel TV

Users are looking for services tailored to their unique requirements. In response, various Pro:Centric characteristics have evolved to improve usability and ease of product maintenance. These innovations are helping redefine hotel infrastructure and personalize the user experience, turning hotel TVs into an essential management tool.

Pro:Centric Direct

Supported by simple editing tools, this hotel content management system provides a one-click service and IP network-based remote management solutions.

Pro:Centric is LG’s content management system for hotel TVs, delivering a range of innovative solutions to help customize the user experience. Supported by user-friendly tools, this content management system provides one-click services and IP network-based remote management. New features include IoT-based in-room controls with voice recognition technology, along with advanced content editing software.

UI Management
Create and edit UI content without the need for coding, thanks to user- friendly Pro:Centric UI management tools. With a range of stylish templates provided, the hotel TV experience can be enriched with bespoke content, delivered in a way that’s impactful yet unobtrusive. Ultimately, this delivers a warmer welcome to the guest.

Group and Remote Management
A combination of remote management functions improves management efficiency, while FW updates, splash image settings
and network TV controls enliven the overall guest experience.
Managers can send messages and notices to selected groups or customized updates from the hotel, tailored to the interests of guests and the purpose of their visit.

Interactive Service and Advertisement
Customers can now request hotel services such as room cleaning and laundry at the click of a button, while hotel managers can provide them with personalized advertisements and messaging.

Pro:Centric V

Supported by its own server and application, Pro:Centric V provides comprehensive solutions especially for RF infrastructure, letting hoteliers deliver information more effectively. Services covers everything from wake-up calls and weather forecasts to info about facilities and personalized guest messaging, all the while reinforcing the hotel's brand image.

Designed for Living
A diverse range of features allows guests to build up their very own digital content environment, making the hotel experience a home away from home. This makes their stay more convenient, more comfortable and more personal.

Create, Manage & Enjoy
With 40 pages of billboards and 8 hotel channels to choose from, hotels can tailor the look and feel of their content and communications with a wide variety of user-friendly materials. These management tools provide guests with hotel infomation and a range of additional services, and are designed to put a world of creativity at your fingertips.

Property Management System
The Pro:Centric Application interfaces with the Property Management System (PMS) to provide helpful services such as welcome messages, automatic language settings and billing info.

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  • Competitive Price Matching
  • Secure Processing

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