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      47 products

      A "KniTec Knows" Breakdown of Tilt Mount Brands

      When it comes to tilting TV wall mounts, Chief, Peerless, Premier, and Kanto are all reputable brands that offer a range of options to meet different needs

      1. Chief Tilt Mounts: Known for their quality and innovation, Chief tilt mounts are designed with features that prioritize ease of installation and adjustment. They often incorporate technologies like Centris tilt, which allows for effortless fingertip tilting, and post-installation lateral shift for precise positioning. Chief mounts are favored for their reliability and durable construction.

      2. Peerless Tilt Mounts: Peerless is another trusted brand known for its tilt mounts. Their products are often praised for their versatility and compatibility with various display sizes and models. Peerless tilt mounts typically offer a wide range of tilt angles, allowing users to achieve the perfect viewing position. With sturdy construction and straightforward installation, Peerless mounts are very popular in hospitality environments.

      3. Premier Tilt Mounts: Premier tilt mounts are designed to deliver a balance of affordability and functionality. While they may not have as many advanced features as some high-end options, Premier mounts still provide reliable and secure TV installation. They often come with a tilt range that allows for comfortable viewing angles and easy access to cables. Premier mounts are a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers who value simplicity and value.

      4. Kanto Tilt Mounts: Kanto tilt mounts are known for their sleek and contemporary designs. They offer a range of options that prioritize flexibility and adjustability. Kanto mounts often provide a generous tilt range, allowing users to achieve optimal viewing angles. Some models may also feature integrated cable management systems to help keep cables organized and out of sight. Kanto mounts are well-regarded for their aesthetic appeal and ease of installation.

      Should I choose a Tilt or Flat mount for my Hospitality Guestroom Televisions?

      KniTec often recommends that Hoteliers consider Tilt Mounts for their guestroom television installations. For a slight increase in your investment and horizontal foot-print, a Tilt Mount will allow installers and technicians access to the back of the television without having to unmount the display. This feature becomes incredibly useful for servicing your television.


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