LG Hospitality TVs

LG Hospitality TVs


which means that you have, too.

      48 products

      48 products

      LG provides access to some of the most advanced displays on the market.

       A quick summary of current, major LG Hospitality TV Series.

      Pro:Centric Display Tech Pro:Idiom b-LAN
      UR770H Smart 4K Slim Direct Yes Yes
      US670H Smart 4K Direct Yes Yes
      UR577H HTML 4K Nanocell Direct Yes Yes
      UT570H HTML 4K Direct Yes Yes
      UT560H HTML 4K Direct Yes No
      UR347H No 4K Nanocell Direct No No
      UT340H No 4K Direct No No

      • With Smart, 4K, Pro:Idiom, and b-LAN features, the UR770H and US670H are similar, but the UR770H is slimmer.
      • Pro:Centric Smart vs Pro:Centric Enhanced (HTML) - Pro Centric allows hotels to deliver a range of hospitality features such as interactive welcome screens, program guides, personalized messaging, advertising, and the ability for hotel admin to control the TV. Enhanced does this via RF while Smart delivers content via IP.
      • If you don't need Pro: Idiom or b-LAN, check out the UR347H and the UT340H LG hospitality TV Series.

      Resolution Guide

      • GOOD: 1080p, also known as Full HD (FHD), is a common display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels that offers sharp picture clarity and progressive scanning. These legacy LG displays are ideal for budget-conscious buyers.
      • BETTER: LG’s 4K UHD TV delivers four times the resolution of a standard HD TV, offering a bigger, bolder, and more lifelike TV viewing experience.
      • BEST: LG NanoCell TVs deliver enhanced 4K movies, sports and gaming. NanoColor brings natural, lifelike color while Nano Accuracy offers more precise color and wider viewing angles. Whatever your guests demand, NanoCell delivers.
      • PREMIUM: LG’s OLED TVs bring you a whole new TV experience thanks to more than 8 million self-lit pixels. Enjoy the deepest blacks, richest colors, and most realistic picture quality available in the world.

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