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      61 products

      Comparing Chief's Fusion and Thinstall Series 

      • Design and Profile:

        • Thinstall Series: The Thinstall series is specifically designed for ultra-thin and lightweight installations. It features a slim profile and sleek aesthetics, making it ideal for residential settings or environments where a discreet mounting solution is desired. The emphasis is on minimizing the visual impact of the mount while providing a secure and reliable installation.
        • Fusion Series: The Fusion series also focuses on a low-profile design but offers a more versatile range of mounting options. It provides a seamless and elegant look with a wider variety of customization and adjustment features. The Fusion series is often chosen for both residential and commercial installations where a sleek appearance is important
      • Weight Capacity and Compatibility:

        • Thinstall Series: The Thinstall series typically supports lighter displays, such as TVs, monitors, and smaller projectors. It is designed for lighter-weight displays with a maximum weight capacity of up to 55 pounds (25 kg), making it suitable for smaller screens.
        • Fusion Series: The Fusion series is designed to accommodate a broader range of display sizes and weights, making it suitable for both smaller and larger displays. It has a higher weight capacity, often ranging from 125 pounds (56.7 kg) to 250 pounds (113.4 kg), allowing it to support larger TVs and projectors.
      • Installation and Adjustability:

        • Thinstall Series: The Thinstall series often incorporates features like CableZone, which provides cable routing and concealment, creating a clean and organized appearance. It also includes tool-less ClickConnect technology for easy and secure display attachment. However, the Thinstall series may have more limited adjustment options compared to the Fusion series.
        • Fusion Series: The Fusion series typically offers more extensive adjustment capabilities. It often includes features like Centris tilt technology, allowing for fingertip tilt adjustments, and Centerless lateral shift, enabling post-installation lateral shift for precise positioning. The Fusion series provides a higher level of customization and fine-tuning options to achieve the desired viewing angle.

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      About Chief Mounts

      Chief has the largest selection of universal and custom display TV mounts worldwide. With a large variety of mounting options including wall, ceiling, table, and cart, you’ll find a mount that practically and easily meets your unique needs. Chief menu boards are installed in the ceiling with a pole where walls are not available, and can be combined together to create longer boards. Utilize a TV cart to make installation simple, and move digital signage from room to room as needed, or a video wall for a more permanent solution. TV stands offer height and vertical adjustments for different screen angles and positions.


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