Hospitality Refrigerators

Hospitality Refrigerators

      133 products

      133 products

      How do Hospitality Refrigerators Compare to Consumer Refrigerators?

      Hospitality guestroom refrigerators provide convenience and comfort for hotel guests. These refrigerators come in a variety of sizes from mini fridges for hotels with short-term guests looking to stash their leftovers to full-size appliances for guests at extended stay properties who want to stock up and minimize the expense of eating out for every meal.

      Like their consumer counterparts, hospitailty refrigerators are equipped with adjustable temperature settings, so guests can customize their refrigerator to meet their needs. Hospitality guestroom refrigerators are also designed to be energy efficient, saving hoteliers money while helping to reduce their environmental impact.

      Choose from conventional mini-fridges, full-size refrigerators for long-term stay establishments, and industrial fridges for your commercial kitchen.


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