Samsung 50" BEC-H Series Crystal UHD 4K Pro TV and 16/7 Rated
Samsung 50" BEC-H Series Crystal UHD 4K Pro TV and 16/7 Rated

Samsung 50" BEC-H Series Crystal UHD 4K Pro TV and 16/7 Rated



  • The BEC-H Series 4K Pro TV features PurColor and High Dynamic Range.
  • Delivers the most optimal picture performance for your business.
  • An enormous spectrum of colors, 3D Surround Sound, and Q-Symphony provide a fully immersive viewing experience.
  • Sleek, minimalistic design seamlessly fits in with any business interior.

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Model Specifications




Screen Size

Display Technlogy


Run Time

250 nit


3 Year


Model BEC-H
Panel Size (Inch) 43, 50, 55, 65, 70, 75, 85
Type 50Hz E-LED BLU
Resolution 3,840 x 2,160
Brightness(Typ.) 250nit
Contrast Ratio(Typ.) 4,700:1
Response Time(G-to-G) 8ms
Color Gamut 72%
Operation Hour 16/7 (Korea & Brazil: 8/7)
Haze 2%
Screen Curvature N/A, Flat
Connectivity Input HDMI x 3, HDCP 1.4 / 2.2, USB x 1, RF 1 Terrestrial / 1 Cable / 0 Satellite (EU, CIS: 1/1/1)
Output Audio: Optical
External Control RJ45
Wireless WiFi 5, Bluetooth 5.2 Supported
Design Bezel Type 3 Bezel-less
Power Type Internal
Power Supply NA: 110-120V 50/60Hz, MX: 110-127V 50/60Hz, EU/KR/SWA: 220-240V 50/60Hz,
XM/XD/XS/XV/ZL/ZD/CI: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Max EU: 125 (43 Inch) , 140 (50 Inch), 145 (55 Inch), 195 (65 Inch), TBD (70 Inch), 250 (75 Inch), 295 (85 Inch)
Energy Saving Mode (W) N/A
Stand-by (W) 0.5
Mechanical Dimension (mm) Set without Stand 963.9 x 558.9 x 59.6 (43 Inch), 1116.8 x 644.2 x 59.9 (50 Inch), 1230.5 x 707.2 x 59.9 (55 Inch), 1449.4 x 830.3 x 59.9 (65 Inch),
1556.2 x 895.4 x 61.6 (70 Inch), 1673.2 x 958.2 x 59.9 (75 Inch), 1895.9 x 1083.9 x 60.9 (85 Inch)
Set with Stand 963.9 x 627.8 x 192.5 (43 Inch), 1116.8 x 719.1 x 250.2 (50 Inch), 1230.5 x 783.3 x 250.2 (55 Inch), 1449.4 x 906.6 x 282.1 (65 Inch),
1556.2 x 976.2 x 339.9 (70 Inch), 1673.2 x 1047.9 x 341.1 (75 Inch), 1895.9 x 1186.7 x 392.2 (85 Inch)
Package 1081 x 670 x 143 (43 Inch), 1264 x 780 x 150 (50 Inch), 1386 x 843 x 158 (55 Inch), 1606 x 963 x 184 (65 Inch),
1746 x 1035 x 190 (70 Inch), 1840 x 1118 x 198 (75 Inch), 2090 x 1247 x 260 (85 Inch)
Weight (kg) Set without Stand 7.7 (43 Inch), 10.9 (50 Inch), 13.9 (55 Inch), 20.6 (65 Inch), 24.8 (70 Inch), 30.4 (75 Inch), 40.2 (85 Inch)
Set with Stand 7.9 (43 Inch), 11.1 (50 Inch), 14.2 (55 Inch), 20.9 (65 Inch), 25.3 (70 Inch), 30.8 (75 Inch), 41.3 (85 Inch)
Package 11.4 (43 Inch), 15.5 (50 Inch), 19.5 (55 Inch), 28.6 (65 Inch), 34 (70 Inch), 41.9 (75 Inch), 56.5 (85 Inch)
Bezel Width w/ BM (U/D/L/R) (mm) 10.2/12.7/10.2/10.2 (43 Inch), 9.3/12.5/9.3/9.3 (50 Inch), 9.3/11.5/9.3/9.3 (55, 65 Inch),
TBD (70 Inch), 10.3/13.7/10.3/10.3 (75 Inch), 11.6/13.9/11.6/11.6 (85 Inch)
Black Matrix Size (U/D/L/R) (mm) 5.9/7.7/5.9/5.9 (43 Inch), 5/6.5/5/5 (50, 55 Inch), 5/6.5/5/5 (65 Inch), TBD (70 Inch), 6/7.7/6/6 (75 Inch), 6/8/6/6 (85 Inch)
VESA Screw Size M8
Screw Depth 20-22
VESA Spec 200*200 (43, 50, 55 Inch), 400*300 (65, 70 Inch), 400*400 (75 Inch), 600*400 (85 Inch)
Certification Safety 60065, 62368-1
EMC Class B
Accessory Included Remote Control, Batteries, User Manual, Power Cable
Optional Stand Yes
Media Player USB M/player
Video Picture Engine Crystal processor 4K
HDR10+ Support
Audio Dolby Decoder Yes
Object Tracking Sound OST Lite
Q-Symphony Yes
Sound Output (RMS) 20W
Speaker Type 2CH (10W+10W)
Bluetooth Audio Yes
Dual Audio Support (Bluetooth) Yes
Buds Auto Switch Yes
Broadcasting System Digital Broadcasting NA/MX: ATSC/ClearQAM, KR: ATSC 3.0, XY: DVB-T(T2 Ready),
DTV Sound System Dolby
Analog Tuner Yes
CI (Common Interface) N/A (EU, CIS: CI+ 1.4)
Smart Service Operating System Tizen™ 7.0
Supported VXT Player, SamsungbusinessTV, Web browser, YouTube, PlayLock
(For Brazil, Major Apps Include: SamsungbusinessTV / Netflix / Amazon Prime / Google Play Movies and TV / YouTube / etc.)
Feature General Adaptive Sound Adaptive Sound
Smart Multi Device Experience Mobile to TV, TV Sound to Mobile, Sound Mirroring, Wireless TV On
Mobile Camera Support Yes
Workspace Yes
Wireless Dex Yes
Web Service Microsoft 365
Remote Control Simple IR (Brazil: Simple BT)
Business TV Special VXT CMS Yes (Brazil: No)
PlayLock Yes (Brazil: No)
BizTV App (Android, iOS) Yes
On/Off Timer Yes (Brazil: No)
Security Lock Panel Button Lock Yes (Brazil: No)
USB Port Lock Yes (Brazil: No)
Connection Menu
Yes (Brazil: No)

The BEC-H Series

Samsung’s Pro TV BEC-H Series is the ideal display
solution for small businesses, allowing users to
communicate with customers without outdated
physical signs or posters. Enrich the customer
experience by showing regular TV programming
alongside promotional content, all on one screen.
From menu boards to advertisements, Samsung’s
Pro TV BEC-H Series provides flexible functionality
suited to a wide range of retail stores and
businesses looking to do more with their TV.

Key Features


PurColor creates the most optimal picture performance on your TV, displaying a massive range of colors for an immersive viewing experience.

With 4K, see every shade of color precisely as intended

Powerful 4K upscaling ensures you'll view your favorite content in resolution up to 4K.

Enhanced sense of depth and color

Contrast Enhancer dynamically adjusts the contrast, resulting in an enhanced sense of depth and color.

See the details in every scene

High Dynamic Range increases light levels on your TV, enabling you to enjoy all the visual details with an enormous spectrum of colors.

Virtual sound that tracks the action

You'll be fully immersed in the audio experience with our virtual top channel audio and 3D surround sound.

TV and soundbar orchestrated in perfect harmony

Q-symphony uniquely allows TV and soundbar speakers to operate simultaneously for a more harmonious sound, without muting the TV speakers.1


  1. Quality and Performance: Professional displays are typically built to higher standards with superior image quality and performance. They often feature advanced technologies like high color accuracy, wider color gamut, deeper black levels, and better image processing capabilities.
  2. Durability and Reliability: Professional displays are engineered to withstand continuous and demanding use in commercial environments. They are built with higher-quality components, have better heat management systems, and are designed to operate for extended hours without compromising performance or longevity.
  3. Connectivity and Customization: Professional displays often offer a wider range of input and output options to accommodate various professional devices and workflows. They may include specialized ports for connecting professional-grade cameras, video editing equipment, and other peripherals.


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