Defeat the sun with the brightest outdoor TV available, and ensure your digital content is seen by everyone, every time, regardless of weather conditions.

Sealoc’s ProLoc:LUX 5.0 is the brightest commercial outdoor TV available, which means your digital content will be seen on the brightest, sunny day – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.


5,000 NITS* – bright outdoor TV for clear viewing in direct sunlight

Bright, clear, vivid picture without washout

Up to 14 times brighter than indoor TVs

IP65 dust and water protection

IK10 impact protectionBest in industry warranty

Sleek, progressive design

​With over 100 model sizes to choose from, and packed rich features and options, it is imperative to contact us for the right solution for your outdoor digital content needs.


Sealoc offers two families of hotel and hospitality display options:

ProLoc nano-treated display: Utilizing the venerable, respected and high-quality LG commercial series of TVs and displays, rich with LG’s feature set such as Pro:Idion content management.

ProLoc:4K and ProLoc:Lux displays: replete with extremely high-bright displays, built in a tough, yet sleek design.

​With over 100 model sizes to choose from and packed rich features and options, Sealoc’s line of hospitality displays are the right solution for your outdoor digital content needs.


Entertaining your customers while they enjoy food and beverages at your establishment is now a staple offering at nearly every outdoor tavern. Whether it’s various sports or entertainment programming, or the Big Game, your customers expect the programming to be available in all conditions. Don’t lose customers because a TV quit working or because they can’t see the game because of sun glare – trust Sealoc with an affordable, high-quality, bright display that will provide the entertainment your customers demand.


Like racetracks, sports teams don’t have customers, they have dedicated fans who have high demands on their entertainment and your facility. With many stadiums now seating over 100,000 people at a time, delivering your digital content to them is a critical driver of revenue and fan retention – like you, your fans simply expect those TVs to work. Whether your fans are in their seats watching a display near them for stats and scores, or they’re headed to the concession to buy goods, beverages or food, ensure they don’t miss the next big play by trusting Sealoc.


With over 15,000,000 eateries in the world, restaurant owners find themselves in one of the most competitive  industries there is. Offering great food and service isn’t enough anymore – you have to differentiate yourself to draw and retain your customers. Entertaining them is just one critical way to keep your patrons returning time and time again and Sealoc can help you achieve that goal. With a variety of smart TVs and high-bright displays, you can rest assured that your patrons will return to your bistro.


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