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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you use a non-commercial display in a commercial setting, it voids the warranty.. So, even if the display is faulty, you are still responsible for repairs or replacement. In addition, commercial grade TVs may have enhanced glass screens designed for less image retention issues. Another obvious difference is the lack of a TV tuner (that consumer models have built in). Lastly, Commercial TVs allow properties to lock-out guests from altering the TV settingsand often have special features like volume limiters.

KniTec has a dedicated network of professional installers across the country, ready to install, program and configure your new guest-room televisions.MORE INFORMATION

As a general rule, KniTec recommends placing your order 2-6 weeks in advance of your desired delivery date. While replacement units can ship the same day, orders of 100+ units may vary due to weather, availability, etc. Please reach out and we can give you a fairly accurate delivery date based on your order and expedite delivery when we can.

Typical freight time is 5-10 days. Once an order is placed, we will strive to secure and reserve your items so that once your invoice is paid, your order is released and will arrive as soon as possible.

KniTec has warehouses across the United States, and will locate your stock at the closest one to your location.

Don't worry, models are upgraded all the time (sometimes every 6 months), and there is usually a newer model that will still work well with your system and older models. We will make sure everything is compatible for you.

If your mounts are available in the same warehouse as your display(s), then they will ship together. If they are coming from different locations, we will do our best to land them at the same time at your property.

Each product and manufacturer are different. If you purchased from KniTec, most of them will work with us on damage and claims if they fall under normal use.

Typical warranty times:
• Displays - 2 years
• Mounts - 1 year to limited lifetime
• PTAC - 1 year to limited lifetime
• Safes - 5 years
• Appliances - 1 year
• Microwave - 5 years

Yes, KniTec offers comprehensive extended warranty solutions to maximize your business's technology investments.

Ask KniTec about adding an Extended Warranty to your hardware purchase.

  • Hospitality TVs
  • Digital Signage Displays
  • Video Walls
  • Healthcare Displays
  • Healthcare Monitors
  • Mounts
  • Clocks/Chargers
  • Safes
  • Microwaves
  • Refrigerators
  • PTAC heating & cooling
  • Projectors
  • Sound - indoor & outdoor
  • Conference Room solutions
  • Installation
  • Removal
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