Security - Door Locks and Surveillance
Security - Door Locks and Surveillance
Security - Door Locks and Surveillance
Security - Door Locks and Surveillance
Security - Door Locks and Surveillance

Security - Door Locks and Surveillance


State-of-the-Art Security

No matter the size or footprint of your property, Groove's security hybrid cloud-video surveillance solutions allow for full visibility over any location and through any device. Unlike a typical wireless security camera system, our hybrid cloud system consists of an on-site video surveillance storage solution as well as one located in the cloud—giving your IT department or physical security team the benefits of both a cloud-based system as well as an on-site storage system.

  • Guest Door Locks
  • Video Surveillance
  • Card Access


By managing surveillance via a secure and reliable hybrid cloud-video system, you not only improve physical security across your site, you’re also able to scale the number of cameras you’re using as properties grow or locations change. Add devices and maintain remote access to your whole Groove security system with an end-to-end video surveillance tool that leverages modern technology to bolster safety and security while also facilitating the ease of use of the platform and your entire system.

We’re here to help make choosing the right surveillance system as easy as possible.

Minimizing Cost, Maximizing Results

Helping you minimize your hardware, installation, and storage costs, our hybrid cloud-video surveillance system architecture enables our PoE (Power over Ethernet) cameras to keep recording in the case of an internet outage; uploading footage to the network when it’s restored. You also don’t need to worry about bandwidth limitations, as the system will manage resources by sending video clips more frequently when motion is detected and utilizing bandwidth only when an end user requests it.

The Groove security system can also incorporate intelligent search functionalities to go back in time and find specific footage, as well as real-time analytics and alerts. Plus, you get the added functionality of people, vehicle, and object recognition, detection. As well as counting in frame.

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