Volara Voice-Automated Hotel Guest Engagement

Volara Voice-Automated Hotel Guest Engagement


Volara is the expert in voice-automated hotel guest engagement.

Volara hotel guest engagement is THE provider of custom voice-based solutions to the hospitality industry. Our proprietary software creates a hotel business tool atop the leading hardware and natural language processing platforms. Our proven best practices ensure high utilization rates and an optimal guest experience – ensuring your guests’ engagement is personal and remarkable. This voice controlled speaker enables you to serve your guests more efficiently and subtly influence their behavior while leaving them with a warm feeling toward your brand. We offer our hospitality industry partners a full-service solution. You can rely on our expertise to provide a truly seamless and extraordinary guest experience!

  • Customized Software
  • Tailored Collateral
  • Analytics & Data
  • Branded Software
  • Set Up & Support
  • Administrative Tools

With Alexa for Hospitality, Marriott adds Amazon to the guest experience

According to a recent article on HotelManagement.net, Amazon is coming to a Marriott guestroom near you.

Nearly seven months after announcing Alexa for Business, Amazon has launched Alexa for Hospitality, a new program that provides hoteliers with an Amazon Echo to act as a voice-activated virtual concierge in each room.

“Alexa for Hospitality is a set of tools that will let hotels build immersive experiences with Alexa right into the hotel context, the brand context and the guest stay,” said Amazon VP Daniel Rausch at a New York preview of the program’s functionality. The platform offers integrations with back-office systems, housekeeping, the concierge and front desk—all services that hotels are already offering, he said—and making them accessible through voice interaction.

Over the last few months, Amazon quietly installed Alexa devices in a few hotels like the Wynn Las Vegas as part of a pilot program to gauge guest feedback, said Rausch. “It’s given us some data to know that we should lean in even more and double-down,” he said. According to Rausch, almost 90 percent of customers that have used an in-room Alexa rated it between “good” and “excellent” on feedback surveys, and more than 70 percent of guests said that when booking hotels in the future, they would choose Alexa-enabled rooms if they were available. The guest feedback was then used to develop the hospitality-specific program for a broader scale, and the updated platform is ready to roll out.

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Volara’s proprietary voice-based guest engagement software customized to your property. Work with our team to create custom responses to guest questions. Populate information about your hotel, recommendations and more. Create custom answers & information with recommendations and local information. Your Administrative Portal allows you to fully-manage the Volara software, enabling you to change answers in real-time. Write and record answers that reflect your property and its unique personality. Your staff can easily adjust the responses in real-time. Voice becomes an extension of your brand. Plus, it works with any natural language processing hardware and enables a consistent guest experience across a portfolio of different properties, each with unique requirements with respect to language, entertainment, and price.


Let KniTec help you choose the hardware that’s right for your property’s aesthetic, budget, and specific needs. Volara offers custom wraps to fit your existing decor. This sleek modern hardware fits seamlessly into any hotel room. Specially designed wraps will turn a functional device into a beautiful piece of art that is aesthetically consistent with your rooms. Volara has advance access to new hardware from the leading providers in bulk with short lead times. Brackets are available to supplement the devices. Potential for wall, ceiling and table mounts.


From the pre-launch phase through to solution optimization, we are right there with you. We ensure each device is connected and placed in accordance with best practices to ensure uptime, increase utilization, and deter misuse and loss. While our devices are easy-to-set up, we’ll never make you go it alone. Our technical team – in collaboration with your staff – will handle delivery, device placement in each guest room and connection to your management portal through the hotel’s wireless internet. No hard wiring is required. Regular improvements from the cloud ensure your software is always up-to-date as the technology evolves. Our team of experts will provide your staff training and resources to fully manage the deployment, but ongoing support is always available to address any questions.

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