A “KniTec Knows” Breakdown of Hospitality TV Mount Types

A “KniTec Knows” Breakdown of Hospitality TV Mount Types

Although perhaps not the most exciting part of your project, Mounts are essential accessories that enable you to install your Display onto the wall or ceiling. Here's a quick breakdown (with KniTec's expert input) of the most common types.

Fixed Mounts: Fixed mounts, also known as low-profile or flat mounts, are the most basic and simplest type of display mounts. As their name suggests, they keep the display fixed in a single position. They are the most affordable type of mount and are ideal for people who prefer a minimalist look. Fixed mounts are easy to install, and they work well in areas where there is no need to adjust the viewing angle.

Tilting Mounts: Tilting mounts are similar to fixed mounts, but they allow you to adjust the viewing angle on a single pivot. With a tilting mount, you can tilt the display up or down to get a better viewing angle. These mounts are ideal for installation in high places and useful in rooms where there are windows or light sources that cause glare on the screen. Tilting mounts are slightly more expensive than fixed mounts, but they provide more flexibility in terms of viewing angles.

KniTec recommends Hoteliers consider tilt mounts – as opposed to flat or fixed mounts – for their guestroom televisons. For a small increase in your investment, tilt mounts provide access to service your TV without having to remove it from the mount.

Articulating Mounts are similar to full-motion mounts but offer a more flexible range of motion. They are ideal for installation in larger rooms where you need to adjust the viewing angle to suit different seating positions. Articulating mounts are more expensive than full-motion mounts, but they provide the most flexibility and are perfect for people who want complete control over the viewing angle.

Specialty Mounts: We consider everything else to be a Specialty Mount, including Ceiling TV Mounts, Motorized Mounts, Kiosk Mounts, Tablet Mounts, etc. If you need an unconventional mount, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 866-469-7111 to discuss your options.

Television mounts come in a variety of types, each designed to meet different installation needs. Fixed mounts are the simplest and most affordable, while tilting mounts provide a little more flexibility. Articulating mounts offer even more flexibility. Ceiling mounts are ideal for rooms with limited wall space, while motorized mounts are perfect for people with mobility issues or commercial settings. Ultimately, the type of mount you choose depends on your installation needs and personal preferences.

Not sure which mount is best for your project? Need a mount that’s not on our site. Call us: (866) 469-7111. We’ve got you covered.