Samsung VXT Steals the Show at ISE 2024: KniTec CEO Presents Future Vision

Samsung VXT Steals the Show at ISE 2024: KniTec CEO Presents Future Vision

KniTec CEO Eric Christiansen at ISE 2024 presenting for Samsung VXT

BARCELONA, SPAIN – January 31, 2024 – At ISE 2024, the world’s leading AV systems integration event, Samsung Electronics unveiled its groundbreaking commercial display technology. Among the highlights was Samsung VXT (Visual eXperience Transformation), a cutting-edge cloud digital signage content management solution. Eric Christiansen, CEO of KniTec, a longstanding Samsung partner and premier reseller, was invited to share his vision for VXT’s future and how it can benefit businesses.

15 Years of Innovation: KniTec To help Shape the Future of VXT
KniTec, celebrating its 22nd year, has offered Samsung products for 15 years, specializing in Samsung solutions for hospitality and commercial properties. With deep expertise and proven success, KniTec was chosen to present VXT’s potential at ISE. Christiansen took the stage to discuss how KniTec’s partnership and experience can contribute to the platform’s evolution.

VXT: Transforming Content Management for Businesses
The VXT cloud digital signage solution simplifies content creation and display management for businesses, catering specifically to B2B needs. Notably, the “Direct to Partner” approach empowers users through the IMC Marketplace, where VXT licenses and provisioning can be obtained in under ten minutes. This, coupled with VXT’s free trial option, creates a seamless path for converting into long-term customers, with KniTec playing a key role in making VXT a core part of their business strategy.

Unlocking Potential with Pre-Integrated Repeatable Solutions
VXT’s capabilities are further enhanced by Pre-Integrated Repeatable Solutions (PIRS). This seamless integration unlocks a wider range of premium content for users, enabling them to create efficient solutions tailored to diverse industries like retail, hospitality, food & beverage, and corporate real estate.

KniTec and Samsung: A Powerful Partnership for Business Success
KniTec’s expertise and long-standing partnership with Samsung make them a valuable asset for VXT’s future. With their deep understanding of business needs and dedication to innovation, KniTec is poised to help businesses unlock the full potential of VXT, transforming content management and driving success across diverse industries.