A KniTec Knows breakdown of Samsung’s new hospitality TV models

A KniTec Knows breakdown of Samsung’s new hospitality TV models

Here’s a quick breakdown of Samsung’s freshest batch of hospitality TV models, including some #KniTecKnows insights into which television could be right for your next guestroom technology upgrade.

Model: AU800

  • Sizes available: 43”, 50”, 55”, 65”, 75”
  • Category: Smart, Pro:Idiom
  • Where to buy: www.knitec.com or 866-469-7111

Hoteliers who have shopped for smart hospitality televisions with Pro:Idiom in the last few years will likely have encountered the NE690, NF690, NJ690 or NT690. Samsung is now pivoting away from their longstanding 690s series and toward the AU800 series. A direct replacement to the 690s, the AU800 smart hospitality television series features UHD 4K, LYNK DRM (Digital Rights Management), Pro:Idiom, Tizen OS and a two-year factory warranty.

Need a Pro:Idiom TV but not interested in smart capabilities? Keep reading for information about the RU710 series.

Model: RU710

  • Sizes available: 43”, 50”, 55”, 65”
  • Category: Non-smart, Pro:Idiom
  • Where to buy: www.knitec.com or 866-469-7111

This quarter, Samsung is also releasing the RU710 series. This non-smart, Pro:Idiom hospitality TV series is ideal for hoteliers searching for a cost-effective, Pro:Idiom solution that will still stun guests with its vibrant 4K UHD display. The RU710 series comes standard with a ‘crow’s feet’ base, which means that the televisions are stationary. If your brand standards require a swivel base, you will likely want to use the RU710 in a wall-mounted application or consider Samsung’s NT678U.

If you’re on the hunt for the latest display technology, then keep reading for information about Samsung’s Q60 series.

Model: Q60A

  • Sizes available: 43”, 50”, 55”, 65”, 75”
  • Category: QLED, Smart, Pro:Idiom, LYNK Cloud
  • Where to buy: www.knitec.com or 866-469-7111

For hoteliers hoping to futureproof their guestroom televisions by securing the most cutting-edge display technology, Samsung is introducing the first QLED Pro:Idiom television. The Q60 series comes equipped with Pro:Idiom and Samsung’s most extensive device and content management system – LYNK Cloud. (Read more about LYNK Cloud here).

But what is QLED? QLED – or quantum dot light-emitting diode – is Samsung’s latest display technology that uses a metallic quantum dot filter to enhance both colour and contrast to deliver an enhanced HDR and 4K picture. In short, it’s the best guestroom television technology Samsung has to offer.

As a final note for the Q60A series, we’ll mention that the Q60A has the unique capability of being used in a healthcare setting through the addition of a Healthcare TV Emulator Box.

Want to run your purchase by a knowledgeable hospitality technology expert? Give KniTec a call on 866-469-7111 or email us at sales@knitec.com. We’re happy to share our advice on different Samsung TV models and, as the largest hospitality technology dealer in the country, can usually beat competitor pricing.