KniTec’s guide to LG’s new hospitality television line-up

KniTec’s guide to LG’s new hospitality television line-up

LG’s latest release of TVs is perhaps the largest in recent memory. As a result, hoteliers are able to choose the features they want without paying for those they don’t. KniTec – the United States’ largest dealer of hospitality televisions – created the below guide to help hoteliers and engineers determine which model fits their infrastructure and clientele. Project Managers can also reach the experts directly at (866) 469-7111 or to discuss specific projects.

Models of Note:

  • WS960H
    • Aptly nick-named the “Wallpaper TV,” the WS960H series is remarkably thin. These built-to-order displays are designed to end the need for television furniture – with a simple flush mount, the WS960H will naturally blend into your space like a piece of fine art. Note that these displays are best suited for properties with an IP infrastructure as they are not b-LAN equipped.
  • UR777H9
    • Want all the features? Then look no further than the UR777H9 Series, which comes standard with Pro:Idiom, b-LAN, NanoCell, and Smart capabilities. These TVs are considered to be the most “future proof” and flexible as they work with almost any hotel content infrastructure.
  • UT560H
    • Hoteliers and Hospitality Engineers rejoice! NEW to LG’s lineup is the UT560H9 series. This long-awaited combination of features allows hotels to purchase Pro:Idiom TVs without b-LAN, which is perfect for those with an RF infrastructure who still want the protection offered by LG’s Pro:Idiom technology.

Quick Comparisons:

  • UR770H9 vs US670H9
    • Both the US670H9 and UR770H9 series offer the same features – 4K, Pro:Idiom, b-LAN, and Smart capabilities, but the UR770H9 is slimmer than the US670H9. Hoteliers might choose the US670H9 if cost effectiveness is the priority and the UR770H9 if aesthetics are top of mind.
  • UR770H9 vs UR760H9
    • Unlike the UR760H9, the UR770H9 is equipped with b-LAN. The UR760H9 is perfect for situations in which you have an IP infrastructure but don’t plan on using a solution that requires b-LAN (like SONIFI).
  • LT570H9 vs LT340H9
    • LG is still including 1080p models in their lineup. And unlike some of the newer series, both the LT570H9s and the LT340H9s are available in 32” and 43” options. Choose the LT570H9 if you need Pro:Idiom and b-LAN, otherwise the LT340H9 will have all the features you need without the extras.

If you’d like to talk through which of LG’s New Hospitality Television Series is right for your project, don’t hesitate to give the experts at KniTec a call at 866-469-7111 or email