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Hotel room with Philips Mediasuite being showcased

PDS Launches 4K Philips MediaSuite pro Android TV Range for Hotels

PPDS is celebrating its return to the hospitality market in North America, with the exciting launch of a brand-new range of futureproof Philips MediaSuite pro Android TVs, bringing 4K picture performance, advanced entertainment choice, and extensive customization features to the hotel industry.

Man and woman in hotel room with Philips Mediasuite Hospitality TV

Ending a hiatus, this announcement follows extensive market research and collaboration with the channel – from resellers and distributors to hotel owners and guests – in order to create a world-leading service. This solution raises the bar to meet the needs of the modern consumer, while also maximizing ROI, extending product lifetime (fewer replacements), and addressing sustainability.

Arriving in North America after a highly successful launch in Europe, the new Philips MediaSuite range comes in a variety of sizes, from 43” to 75”. MediaSuite provides the perfect centerpiece for guest rooms of any size, whether in a small boutique hotel or a luxury suite, setting the foundation for the most advanced home away from home experience available anywhere in today’s market.

‘Game-changer for hoteliers’

Commenting on the company’s return, Joe King, VP Commercial Displays, North America at PPDS, hailed Philips MediaSuite as a true “game-changer” for the hospitality industry, revealing that demand is building from hoteliers across North America, following a sneak-peak preview last month.

“I am thrilled to finally be able to announce our return to the hospitality industry and to introduce a solution that truly raises the bar for hotel TVs,” said King, who has assembled an elite team of experienced AV hospitality specialists to execute the company’s relaunch into the marketplace.

This is a hugely important milestone for PPDS and our AV channel partners, many of whom have been repeatedly asking to bring Philips Hotel TV to North America, so that we now have a truly global hotel solution. Even our team, which has more than 85 years of combined experienced in AV hospitality, can’t hide their excitement. We can’t wait for our partners and their customers to get their hands on it.”

Stylish design

Available in 43”, 50”, 55”, 65” and 75”, the HFL6114U series provides stunning 4K UHD (3840x2160) picture quality and comes with a super-slim, black bezel design, together with a stylish matching stand. 

Premium design and best-in-class picture quality, only tell a fraction of the Phillips MediaSuite story. 

Built around the customer

The Philips MediaSuite range runs on Android TV OS and features Chromecast built-inTM, allowing guests to stream and view content – be it photos, movies, music or even presentations – instantly and in up to 4K from their compatible laptop or mobile device (IOSTM, AndroidTM or Windows) with just the touch of a button. No new apps or additional hardware are required.

With Google Play, you can give your guests access to thousands of popular apps, including popular services such as local news, weather and traffic information, as well as content streaming from providers such as YouTubeTM, Spotify®, Disney+® and Netflix.

The full range of 6114 MediaSuite TVs come pre-installed with exciting features and functionality for an enhanced and more personalized user experience, while helping bring more consistency with the technology guests are used to enjoying at home. These include Google Assistant’s voice control functionality, enabled by an optional voice control Bluetooth remote, allowing users to perform an ever-growing number of functions through voice commands, such as opening apps and controlling volume.

Voice control, enhanced security and Netflix-ready

Part of a major evolution in pro TVs, Philips MediaSuite TVs also now come with the functionality to integrate Netflix – the world’s most popular streaming platform with more than 203 million paid memberships – allowing users to enjoy seamless access to all their favorite movies and shows in just a few simple clicks.

With MediaSuite, there’s no need for any external players or satellite TV, which helps keep operational costs down and installations neat, while maintaining a modern look. A dedicated Netflix button on the remote control provides instant access for efficient usability.

Elaborating on the features of the new Philips MediaSuite range, Jeroen Verhaeghe, Global Product Manager at PPDS, said: “As a market leader, we continue to drive the market forward. With the MediaSuite product, we’re driving the market up another gear, bringing even more features and benefits to hoteliers and guests and once again cementing our position as the brand of choice for innovation in professional TVs.”

Better with age

As part of PPDS’s commitment to supporting the hospitality industry, all MediaSuite TVs in North America are backed by the company’s ground-breaking ‘Extended Lifetime’ promise. This ensures all HFL6114U models, can be upgraded to the latest  version of Android TV OS – as and when updates are available – bringing all the latest entertainment, control and security features at, no additional cost.

This unique strategy provides an invaluable safety-net for hoteliers by maintaining a consistent, high-performing experience in each room and extending the time between product replacements.

a bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

Running on your secure network, TVs can be centrally controlled, managed and updated, either individually or collectively. This functionality allows you to customize to your brand standards, be it through imagery, colors or even personalized messaging, without ever disturbing guests.

MediaSuite TVs also provide new opportunities for greater interaction between hoteliers and hotel guests, using an on-screen customer satisfaction survey, which can offer instant feedback on a customer’s current service perceptions. Such feedback will empower hotels to resolve any issues quickly, while the customer is still on site, rather than after departure, which can help prevent negative and potentially damaging online comments.

Verhaeghe added, “We don’t believe in limiting the latest and greatest features to the newest Philips MediaSuite models. We want our customers to be able to offer the best experience at all times, not just when their TVs are due for replacement. We hope our strategy brings some welcome relief to the industry, both today and into the future.”

King concluded, “At PPDS we will never enter a market or launch a product unless we feel it will offer something new and innovative to its intended audience. I’m confident there is nothing quite like Philips MediaSuite available anywhere in today’s market and the wonderful thing is with our Extended Lifetime Promise, our TVs can literally get better with age, our goal is to exceed the market’s needs and demands. PPDS is again proving it doesn’t follow others, it leads.”

Written by Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)


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