Samsung Flip 2 WM55R 55" Diagonal Class WMR Series LED Display Front View
Samsung Flip 2 WM55R 55" Diagonal Class WMR Series LED Display Front View Alterante
Samsung Flip 2 WM55R 55" Diagonal Class WMR Series LED Display Side View
Samsung Flip 2 WM55R 55" Diagonal Class WMR Series LED Display Back View
Samsung Flip 2 WM55R 55" Diagonal Class WMR Series LED Display Inputs Bar
Samsung Flip 2 WM55R 55" Diagonal Class WMR Series LED Display Back Inputs

Samsung Flip 2 WM55R 55" Diagonal Class WMR Series LED Display, Interactive Digital Signage with Touchscreen, 4K UHD, New Edge Backlight - Light Gray



  • Portable, digital flipchart
  • Designed for small conference rooms, class rooms, and huddle spaces
  • Portable with optional wheel-based stand and tray
  • Hold meetings anytime, anywhere with ample working space

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Model Specifications




Screen Size

60Hz NewEdge

Display Technlogy


Run Time

350 nit


3 Year


Samsung Flip 2 Specifications Page Including Inputs/Outputs, Dimensions, and etc.

The WMR Flip 2 Series

Samsung Flip is an intuitive and easy-to-use digital flipchart for any meeting environment, offering enhanced collaboration
capabilities in an easy UI with a host of features, including brush mode, annotation on, merge to roll, and other collaboration
tools. Available in two sizes, 55 and 65 inches, both models offer great collaborative features supported by unique designs.
The 55-inch model offers increased workspace in front of the display, a hinge assembly structure and wheels for an efficient,
moveable solution. The 65-inch model provides a larger screen which can be used as the main display in a meeting room, while
the no gap wall mount removes any unnecessary space between the product and the wall. No matter the size, the Samsung Flip
allows teams to work smarter, faster and better.

Key Features


Samsung Flip can be used for a wide range of business applications, providing embedded versatile templates. You can use the Flip as a calendar, scheduler, note or checklist board. Samsung Flip perfectly matches any business need, enabling users to utilize the display in various customized ways.


Samsung Flip has up to 20 pages of writing space per roll, allowing users to seamlessly scroll through pages. In addition, the Flip ensures that confidential meeting information remains in the right hands. Its reinforced lock system allows users to safeguard sensitive content from view.


Users are empowered by the Flip’s versatile connection options. USB, HDMI, NFC and screen sharing capabilities enable optimum collaboration and provide interactive content visibility, notation and sharing. The Flip also offers an optional tray as a more powerful connectivity extension.


The touch out functionality allows users to sync their personal devices with the Samsung Flip, allowing real-time content sharing and control. Any changes made on the Flip display will be mirrored on the connected device, and vice versa, for efficient collaboration.


To help create more efficient meetings, the Samsung Flip can connect to a PC remotely, eliminating the need for additional devices in the room. Users can also connect a keyboard, mouse to the display directly via Bluetooth connection enabling better productivity and collaboration.


Following any meeting, users can distribute recaps to all attendees and colleagues, removing the frustration traditionally associated with handwritten meeting notes. Important conversations and content are stored within the Flip in real-time, easily shareable across mobile and digital channels.


  1. Quality and Performance: Professional displays are typically built to higher standards with superior image quality and performance. They often feature advanced technologies like high color accuracy, wider color gamut, deeper black levels, and better image processing capabilities.
  2. Durability and Reliability: Professional displays are engineered to withstand continuous and demanding use in commercial environments. They are built with higher-quality components, have better heat management systems, and are designed to operate for extended hours without compromising performance or longevity.
  3. Connectivity and Customization: Professional displays often offer a wider range of input and output options to accommodate various professional devices and workflows. They may include specialized ports for connecting professional-grade cameras, video editing equipment, and other peripherals.


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