InVidTech 2MP HD Temperature Measurement & Face Recognition Terminal with 8" LED Screen



The P2TempTablet can accurately read the temperature of a single person with an accuracy of 0.54º F. The system is easily customizable for alerts when customers, guests, or staff pass through with a temperature above the threshold. This product offers individual temperature readings at a short-range distance of about 1-1.5 feet. The short-range measuring distance prevents the need for constant calibration. It also offers facial recognition at a more extended range of about 1-6.5 feet. The Temperature Tablet, which holds up to 20,000 faces, can integrate with your access control system to allow access to restricted areas. The unit can detect if a person is wearing a mask and will instruct them to put on a mask before allowing access. Notify individuals with additional integrated messages.


  • 8 inch LCD screen
  • High-accuracy IR body temperature measurement
  • Non-contact body temperature measurement
  • Human-sounding voice prompt
  • Real-time face mask detection
  • Face liveness detection technology distinguishing real faces from non-real face spoof attacks
  • Highly accurate face recognition using deep learning algorithm
  • Stand-alone device, ready for networking

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