LG MKJ40653832 Hospitality LED TV Replacement Remote

LG MKJ40653832 Hospitality LED TV Replacement Remote


The MKJ40653832 LG TV Remote Replacement is designed for:

LG 22LD320H, 22LD325H, 26LD310, 26LD320H, 26LD340H, 32LD310, 32LD310H, 32LD320H, 32LD325H, 32LD330H, 32LD340H, 32LD345H, 32LD650H, 32LD655H, 32LD665H, 32LG710H, 32LV555H, 37LD310H, 37LD320H, 37LD325H, 37LD330H, 37LD340H, 37LD345H, 37LD650H, 37LD655H, 37LD665H, 37LG700H, 37LG710H, 42LD320H, 42LD340H, 42LD650H, 42LD655H, 42LD665H, 42LG710H, 42LV555H, 47LD650H, 47LV555H, 55LD650H, 55LV555H

42LY970H, 47LY970H, 55LY970H, 60LY970H, 32LY760H,39LY760H,42LY760H, 47LY760H ,55LY760H, 29LY570H, 32LY570H, 39LY570H, 42LY570H, 47LY570H,55LY570H, 65LY570H, 28LX570H, 32LX570H 40LX570H, 43LX570H, 49LX570H, 55LX570H,65LX570H, 32LY560H, 39LY560H, 42LY560H, 47LY560H, 32LX560H, 40LX560H, 43LX560H,49LX560H, 32LY340H, 39LY340H, 42LY340H, 47LY340H, 55LY340H

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