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More Comfort. More Function.

Energy Management Systems (EMS) have entered the digital age. With IoT capabilities as well as combining in-room automation features and the ability to upgrade with software updates, EOS thermostats help you create a comfortable experience for guests, residents, and visitors in any environment.

INTEREL’s smart building ecosystem consists of a beautifully crafted hardware portfolio of smart thermostats and room control devices, creating intelligent sustainable environments while lowering your total operational expense.

Future-Proof Your Room Control

No additional equipment is needed for EOS to control HVAC functions. And since the unit itself is built with an IoT infrastructure for SaaS applications, you can scale from basic energy management to advanced room-control and automation features with simple software updates.

New Features. Same Hardware.

Add a new feature to a room? Simply download an update and an app and you’ll be able to control your smart thermostat without any additional hardware or installations. This means that no matter how your hotel or location upgrades or grows in the future, this sleek, powerful unit can keep up with changes and deliver as much functionality and customization as you need it to.

An Upgrade for Everyone.

No single upgrade to your property is as easy to install, manage, and maintain while delivering such a powerful way for your business to save money. Not only are you offering your guests a better experience by allowing them to customize their climate to their liking, you’re also engaging a strategic tool to help you improve your bottom line. Installation in rooms that already have existing thermostats only takes a few minutes and connecting to the system takes even less time. Boost labor and operating efficiency and reduce energy consumption with a smart thermostat that’s ready to take on as much functionality as you need it to.

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