Hospitality Clocks/Chargers


These convenient solutions will provide your guests with easy-to-find charging outlets and alarm clocks.

There are also flush-mounted plug panels that add two tamper resistant AC outlets with two USB charging sockets which are perfect for outlets near the bed or nightstand. KniTec offers Kube Systems, TeleAdapt, and CubieTime charging solutions for every type of budget and hotel. Ask us about upgradeable and streamlined, multi-device chargers and hospitality alarm clocks to satisfy your guests charging needs. Whether it’s in-room alarm clocks with Bluetooth Audio, or a Qi wireless compatible charging units for use in public spaces, here are professional hospitality products to enhance your guests experience.

Modern design-driven technology products with Qi Wireless Charging and Dual USB Ports.

Wireless charging products of unparalleled design.

Made with an attractive minimalist design, these alarm clock chargers offer easy-to-find USB charging outlets.