Optoma 15000L Advanced Stacking

Optoma 15000L Advanced Stacking


When a project calls for even more Lumens, the benefits of using multiple stacked projectors is clear. The ProScene Solutions for advanced stacking is the most convenient way to increase your image brightness up to 15,000 Lumens at WUXGA for impressive video content and images. The dust-sealed, filter free design ensures optimal image quality with minimal maintenance. Motorized lens shift, focus and zoom combined with the extensive lens options, 360′ operation and interchangeable colour wheels, provide installation flexibility.

  • 15,000L – WUXGA
  • Portability – Smaller, lighter units are significantly easier to transport and install
  • Redundancy – If one unit fails, the second unit will still be operational
  • High resolution with sub-pixel adjustment for ultimate clarity

  • Industry-Leading Shipping Speeds
  • Competitive Price Matching
  • Secure Processing

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