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      4 products

      A "KniTec Knows" Breakdown of the KUBE Series

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      About KUBE Systems

      Understanding that poor battery life is the number one issue for smart phone users, Kube Systems has created these Kube chargers as tailor-made solutions for the hospitality industry, blending innovation with intuitive technology. The growing addiction to being connected affects us all, and Kube Systems’ products provide unprecedented charging convenience, and in doing so, inspire brand loyalty and drive repeat business for a range of hospitality companies. Systems features Qi wireless charging within its range of Kube multiple device chargers.

      Kube designs and manufactures to the highest commercial standards, and are continuing to innovate in creating more convenient ways to charge power hungry devices.


      Todd Lincoln, Director of Rooms – Providence Marriott Downtown

      “ A really cool benefit of these Kube 5 Portables is that it enables our staff to be proactive in anticipating guests’ needs. It’s so simple. Kube Systems has made the Providence Marriott Downtown a trendsetter. This is really BIG in the eyes of our Millennial guests. ”

      Meredith White, General Manager – Comfort Inn & Suites Boston

      “At the Comfort Inn & Suites Boston, we are always striving to do something extraordinary that will help make our guests’ trips more seamless, memorable and stress free. Making our customers happy and comfortable is extremely important, especially since most are staying for a quick airport layover. With guests frequently asking front desk staff if they can borrow a charging cord, we went on a search to find a product that all guests can use despite the type of device they want to power. There are a lot of options on the market, but after seeing the durability and the versatility of the Kube 5 portable, we knew we found the best solution for our guests. From an operations perspective, the Kube 5 is the ideal solution for our midscale hotel because we don’t need to have to purchase a piece of charging equipment for each room; because it’s portable, it’s affordable. Better yet, because we are holding the guest’s credit card or drivers’ license until the Kube is returned, we aren’t afraid that it will walk off; besides, you need the docking station to re-charge the unit. It’s the best possible option for our hotel. ”

      Ron Antonucci, VP Operations – Meyer Jabara Hotels (Marriott Providence Downtown)

      “ A big plus that definitely gives this unit longevity as charger ports are changing quite often, is the fact that the charging cables can be swapped out if something new comes along. ”

      David McManus, General Manager – Hyatt Union Square, New York

      “ We chose the Kube products to replace our existing in-room sound systems for three reasons. First, we were impressed by the unit’s Bluetooth capabilities that seamlessly adapt to the different operating systems used by travelers. Second, the sleek design of the KS Clock™ is the perfect complement to our sleek modern rooms. Third, the multi-functional charging capabilities provide a level of convenience for our guests who travel with many different gadgets. Programming these Kubes was very simple for our staff. We have received nothing but amazing compliments from our guests. ”

      Jennifer Austin, General Manager – Distrikt Hotel New York City

      “ Kube Systems is a forward-thinking company. The Kube Clock is versatile, and it enables us to meet our guests’ needs in a new way. Rather than spending a lot of money buying charging cables for guests to use because they forgot theirs at home or misplaced them along the way, the Kube Clock’s built-in connectors give travelers everything they need to plug and play without having to contact the front desk. The wireless Qi charger is really convenient; it lets guests drop and charge their phones without any wires. That optional feature was especially attractive to us, and so was the unit’s small footprint. This little Kube is a big reflection of our commitment to providing amenities that ease stress and add convenience. We absolutely love the Kube Clock, and so do our guests. A few people have even asked if they can buy the units from us. ”

      Ron Antonucci, VP Operations – Meyer Jabara Hotels (Marriott Providence Downtown)

      “ Users love them [Kube 5 Portable] because their needs are being proactively met. We love them because happier guests mean a healthier bottom line. ”

      Garry Cox, General Manager – Axion Hotel, San Francisco

      “The Axiom is a place where history meets the digital revolution. We deliver comfort and connectivity in a classic setting supported by the most innovative technologies. Before opening our doors a year ago, we strategized on ways to anticipate the needs of modern travelers to ensure a frictionless experience. We saw the Kube Audio Clock at an industry tradeshow, tried it, and instantly fell in love with it because it is intuitive, provides an extra charging outlet, and is Bluetooth friendly for streaming music. This product has been meeting the needs of our guests from day one. They plug in and power up, or they stream their music through the system’s high quality Bluetooth speakers.

      A feature that we really like is the securely affixed charging cords. With the Kube Audio Clock, guests who may have forgotten to bring a charging cable don’t have to worry because each Kube is already equipped with everything they need. It’s great for the hotel too because magnets hold the integrated cables in place to keep the night stand clutter free. In a word, the Kube Audio Clock fits the needs of the Axiom Hotel and our guests ‘perfectly.’ We are thrilled with the Kube Audio Clock and the service we receive from Kube Systems. ”


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