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Nonstop Clocks and Chargers

Perfect for outlets near the bed or nightstand, KniTec offers Nonstop hotel room alarm clocks and wireless charging solutions. Features range from minimal charging pads to the feature-rich UV Station that sanitizes guests' most commonly touched items.

      14 products

      14 products

      More About Nonstop Clocks and Chargers

      Perfect for outlets near the bed or nightstand, KniTec offers Nonstop station hotel room alarm clocks and wireless charging solutions for every type of budget. Ask us about upgradeable and streamlined, multi-device chargers and clocks to satisfy your guests charging needs. Whether it’s in-room alarm clocks with Bluetooth Audio, or a Qi wireless compatible charging units for use in public spaces, here are professional hospitality products to enhance your guests experience.


      While this technology has been around for several years, slow adoption made it more of a novelty than a practical feature to include in your hotel. But with Apple on board, wireless charging will grow exponentially, and Qi is the clear standard.

      Nonstop Clocks and Chargers Series

      UV Station

      UV Station is a next generation nightstand amenity that leverages the power of UV-C sterilizing technology and a simple, effective and reliable way to charge and clean guests’ phones.

      UV-C 220nm wavelength is proven to be safe and effective way to disinfect. UV Station™ is sized right for the nightstand with a cleaning compartment big enough for remote controls. Conveniently bedside guests are welcome to clean their phone, eye glasses, earbuds, watch, wallet, keys and other accessories. Phones are the center of guest’s on-the-go tech. UV Station cleans and charges guest’s phones with wireless Qi and uniersal USB charging. UV Station features an upright stand for charging so guests can always see their screen as well. Hotel Friendly Features UV Station is custom designed specifically for hotels. With our experience we understand the key details that you need. We’ve included a discrete clock, tamperproof power and security features and a simple interface and safety features.

      Station O

      Station O combines timeless design with functionality by including two easy to find USB ports. It is a brand standard for the popular hotels, and can be found across the United States.

      Station O boasts the smallest footprint of any hotel alarm clock with USB charging. It fits comfortably even in compact bedside areas while leaving space for guests’ personal items on the nightstand. The decor inspired design features a classic round clock face re-imagined in woven fabric with the time shining through. Packed with hotel friendly features, Station O truly is a modern classic.

      Station A

      Station A offers a built in Bluetooth speaker allowing you to listen to your favorite music and comes with relaxation sounds, Qi Fast Wireless Charging and Dual USB-Outlets.

      Play it all and Charge It All. The Nonstop Station A is an all-in-one hotel room alarm clock and wireless charging solution with a Bluetooth speaker. Play It All – Wireless Bluetooth speaker lets guests stream from their phone, tablet or laptop and enjoy enhanced audio for music, movies, video and games. Wireless charging compatible with iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 and all Qi compatible phones. USB universal charging supports smart phones and compatible devices. It’s your space to brand custom printed replaceable cards fit on the charging tray— an ideal place to remind guests to download your mobile app, discover in-room features, promote hotel amenities and more.

      Station W

      Station W with Qi fast wireless charging and dual USB-outlets allows you to charge up to 3 devices at once. Perfect for the desk, nightstand or any place you need a charger. Station W will keep your smartphone, smart watch and tablet powered up.

      Hotel alarm clock with Qi wireless charging and dual USB ports. The Nonstop Station W is a hotel room alarm clock and wireless charging solution for the modern guest. Upon entering the room guests will immediately notice the front facing USB ports and 10w Qi wireless charging tray. Bright numbers keeping your guests up? Lightsleeper lets them turn the display off completely. The Nonstop Station W comes fully loaded with hotel friendly features in an innovative and modern design. Order Now.

      Station C

      Station C is a wireless charger with 2 USB outlets was created by Nonstop and award winning designer Matthew Paprocki. The unique design and functionality has resulted in many of the worlds leading hotels brands featuring the product in their guest rooms.

      Qi wireless and USB charging are featured together in a simple design. This Nonstop wireless charging solution is available in a range of cosmetic options including wood and marble laminates and fabric. Full 10W Qi fast charging with Qi certification ensures the fastest, most compatible and safest wireless charging with essential features like foreign object detection. USB ports include 2.1A fast charging with ports placed conspicuously on top for easy guest access. Unlike charging pads designed for consumer use, the Nonstop Station C is hotel ready with a tamperproof charging cable and security clamp. Order this Nonstop wireless charging solution for your hotel today.

      Station E

      Station E combines timeless design with practical functionality by including an easy-set alarm clock, two easy to find USB ports, and a self-charging memory backup. FCC Certified compliant.

      Station E is the standard for what all hotel alarm clocks should include. Hotel friendly features, guest-friendly design and front facing USB ports are just a few of the things that make this product a “no-brainer” for hotels.

      Charging for Everyone
      USB universal charging supports smart phones, iPad, Kindle, wireless headphones, digital cameras, portable gaming and other USB compatible devices.

      The Easiest Ever Alarm to Use
      To set, simply press the dedicated alarm hour and minute buttons to set the wake up time— no special buttons to hold or “setting mode” with flashing display. To turn on and off slide the color coded switch to turn the alarm on and off— green means on and red when off.