Samsung LYNK Reach
Samsung LYNK Reach
Samsung LYNK Reach
Samsung LYNK Reach
Samsung LYNK Reach
Samsung LYNK Reach
Samsung LYNK Reach
Samsung LYNK Reach
Samsung LYNK Reach
Samsung LYNK Reach
Samsung LYNK Reach

Samsung LYNK Reach



Samsung’s LYNK REACH (Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality) content management solution enables hoteliers to provide a personalized guest experience, while simultaneously improving their own operational efficiency. The fully integrated LYNK REACH 4.0 system gives hotel managers visibility into and control of hundreds of on-site displays through a central server, and elevates these displays into all-in-one hubs for personalized content, application and channel access.

Additionally, LYNK REACH accommodates any new or existing hospitality communication infrastructure, including coax, LAN and WI-FI, to drive faster and easier implementation. By promoting effective in-room communication and eliminating laborious maintenance tasks, Samsung LYNK REACH TV management software enables hotels to enhance guest stays at a reduced cost.


  • In-room amenities including WI-FI and phone information
  • In-room dining menu or on-site restaurants with hours and location
  • Other amenities like fitness center, massage/spa, pool, laundry, etc.
  • Loyalty or rewards program details
  • Guide to local attractions, restaurants and other businesses
  • Entertainment options with program guide for free-to-guest content or mobile device casting (if available)


Manage content over coax Manage content over wi-fi or LAN
  • Compatible with all and only Samsung hospitality models, including non-smart and smart
  • Pushes content to in-room displays over coax network
  • Only requires (1) Samsung server per property to be installed with head-end
  • Compatible with only Samsung smart hospitality models such as the NF690 and NJ690U series
  • Ability to push content over WI-FI as long as network meets minimum bandwidth requirements
  • Hotel to supply own server


Eliminate room-by-room visits to each guest room by using a single-location remote solution. The Samsung REACH Server delivers updated firmware and other settings to TVs through RF signals. Updates are simple and simultaneous, so there’s no need to go from room to room to update each display with USB Cloning. This way, your staff has more time to focus on other ways of improving the guest experience.

Samsung LYNK Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality (REACH) is a hardware and software solution for better hospitality TV management and maintenance of room display content, compatible with all Samsung Hospitality TVs. On the hardware side, our REACH Server and the remote controller enables the updating and adjusting of Digital TVs (DTVs) over radio frequency (RF) signals to avoid the need for time-consuming manual updates. On the software side, it incorporates LYNK REACH, which is designed for ease of use.


An intuitive user interface (UI) provides fast access to content for guests and near real-time updating for hospitality managers. Enhanced visual contrast between the list of settings and the working window helps employees find the setting or element to be modified without delay. The UI also provides a live preview of the element to confirm the setting has been adjusted as desired.


Deliver information automatically with a headline-style scrolling ticker. The Samsung LYNK REACH ticker feature provides a crawl of data that’s of special interest to guests, such as local weather or event information. In addition, property managers can create and update targeted promotional content or marketing messages, while displaying an interface that seamlessly matches your property’s brand.


The integrated TV management solution uses existing infrastructure assets, lowers labor and operating costs and eliminates the need for set-top boxes and other components. For those establishments that have RF infrastructures currently in place, the Samsung LYNK REACH hospitality TV management system is an ideal way to provide TV content more efficiently.

  • Industry-Leading Shipping Speeds
  • Competitive Price Matching
  • Secure Checkout and Processing
Samsung LYNK REACH 4.0 COAX RF vs IPTV System Diagram


Use the in-room display as an opportunity to showcase your hospitality brand. How do you want to welcome your guest as they sit back and turn on the TV? Extend your hospitality beyond the front lobby into the guestroom for a personalized experience.

REACH 4.0 allows hotels to provide personalized messages to make sure their guest feels especially welcome. The warm and inviting touch is a simple yet powerful way to increase guest satisfaction.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is fully customizable to tailor the guest experience. Choose from the pre-built, approved template or upload your own images to develop a GUI from scratch. Samsung has a network of certified REACH integration partners who can also provide turnkey solutions.


LYNK REACH 4.0 provides channel management capabilities including a customizable interactive program guide for a better viewing experience. Hotel staff can also customize a hybrid bank of IP and RF channels to offer guests a wider range of entertainment options.

Compatible with Google Chromecast
Hotels can offer casting to allow their guests to stream their own content to the in-room TV. It’s an easy and secure way to watch Netflix, Hulu, and more.

With REACH 4.0, you can offer your guests easy access to a wide variety of information and services. Depending on your infrastructure, services can include billing information, flight information, language settings, wakeup call, weather, and more.


KniTec Inc. is at the forefront of custom Samsung REACH menu design. Our team of designers have created TV Menu Systems for hoteliers managing limited service Choice Hotel properties to full service Marriott properties. Above are just a few examples of what we have created, installed and deployed. If you’re interested in having a customized menu that matches your décor or branding, give us a call for a free consultation.

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