Samsung VH55R-R 55" Video Wall Display Series Front View
Samsung VH55R-R 55" Video Wall Display Series Front View Alternate
Samsung VH55R-R 55" Video Wall Display Series Side View
Samsung VH55R-R 55" Video Wall Display Series Back View
Samsung VH55R-R 55" Video Wall Display Series Inputs

Samsung VH55R-R 55" Video Wall Display Series, 1080p Full HD, 700 nits, 24/7, 600 x 400 VESA, Razor Narrow 0.88mm Bezel with Signage Player Box



  • 0.88mm Ultra Narrow Bezel
  • 700 nit Brightness
  • 69.9mm Depth
  • 178 Degree Viewing Angle
  • PC and Mobile Supported

Model Specifications

1080p FHD



Screen Size


Display Technlogy


Run Time

700 nit


3 Year


Samsung VH55R-R and VH55T-E Specifications

The VHR-R Series

Samsung’s VHR-R, VHT-E, VMT-E, VMT-U Series video wall displays provide a captivating viewing experience for a wide variety of business settings. The displays’ exceptionally slim depth, continuous operation capability and IP5X certification provide endless possibilities for retail stores, office spaces, public spaces and more. Built to operate all day, Samsung’s video walls ensure businesses have an effective communication channel, even after traditional business hours. With wide viewing angles and special anti-glare panels Samsung’s video wall display demands attention, even with bright ambient
light, ensuring every word and image is as legible as it is impressive.

Key Features


The displays’ slim depth gives businesses ultimate flexibility in creating a video wall that is perfectly suited to their needs and can be implemented in any location. IP5X certification ensures the display is completely dust resistant and can deliver a dependable viewing experience in a wide range of conditions. It also allows for video wall installation in public spaces without the need for additional dust-resistant molding.


To ensure outstanding picture quality, all Samsung video wall displays are fine-tuned with a strict multi-step calibration process. Users may also adjust detailed settings to suit their individual needs using Samsung’s free powerful software, Color Expert Pro. For businesses needing a simpler solution, Color Expert Pro Mobile makes for quick and easy calibration using a mobile device camera.


Samsung video walls feature wide viewing angles allowing viewers to see vivid content from any position. It eliminates potential distortion, ensuring colors, logos, fonts and messages are aligned with business’ brand guidelines. Additionally, special anti-glare panels maintain vibrant and accurate visuals, preventing any disruption from bright lights, sunlight
or glare any time of the day or night.


A razor-narrow bezel-to-bezel design creates an uninterrupted visual experience across multiple screens. Minimizing the visual distraction of the screens themselves, the displays present a single, uniform picture that captures attention and keeps viewers focused on featured messages.


The exceptionally thin cabinet depth provides businesses with more flexibility to create the exact video wall they need and install it in the most impactful location. The thoughtful design blends
in seamlessly and transforms any location with powerful visuals.


Multi-step factory calibration process tunes video walls to uniform brightness and color throughout multiple displays. In addition to rigorous factory calibration, users can also manage brightness and
color uniformity with Samsung's Color Expert Pro, a powerful free software program.


  1. Quality and Performance: Professional displays are typically built to higher standards with superior image quality and performance. They often feature advanced technologies like high color accuracy, wider color gamut, deeper black levels, and better image processing capabilities.
  2. Durability and Reliability: Professional displays are engineered to withstand continuous and demanding use in commercial environments. They are built with higher-quality components, have better heat management systems, and are designed to operate for extended hours without compromising performance or longevity.
  3. Connectivity and Customization: Professional displays often offer a wider range of input and output options to accommodate various professional devices and workflows. They may include specialized ports for connecting professional-grade cameras, video editing equipment, and other peripherals.


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