LG’s Pro:Centric® Application enhances the hotel guest experience of their in-room hotel TV. Guests can locate and enjoy available television programming, check on the daily weather and review hotel amenities – all from the comfort of their room using their LG HD TV.


The LG Pro:Centric hospitality TV system acts as a digital concierge – guests are presented with a branded user interface on the television and can view “electronic billboards”, which present information on hotel amenities such as restaurants, bars, fitness and business centers; or use the interactive Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to select their favorite sitcom or find the premium movie channels.

The hotel staff can customize and update the billboards to promote Pro:Centric amenities and services that benefit their guests. The ability to quickly and easily add or update information creates real savings in printing and distribution costs and enables more timely presentation of pertinent and valuable information to guests.

When guests benefit, hotels benefit. By providing a simple means of access to entertainment and hotel services, the LG Pro:Centric hospitality TV system improves guest satisfaction and promotes a consistent revenue stream for your property.

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