Cellular Amplification
Cellular Amplification
Cellular Amplification
Cellular Amplification

Cellular Amplification


Boost Your Wireless Coverage

Delivering reliable mobile phone and wireless signals, Cellular Amplification helps give your property the convenience of fewer dropped calls, fewer dead spots, more convenience for your guests or residents—plus better safety in an emergency situation. We’ve designed and installed DAS that helps extend and amplify signals inside facilities large and small, as well as sprawling resorts, properties, and campus environments.

Why Hoteliers Love Celluar Amplification

As business infrastructures evolve and the differences between older and newer buildings increase, the challenges of providing a consistent, reliable signal through all the various different materials and layouts of buildings are also evolving.

Worries about insulation, durability, and cost-efficiency are the primary motivators when it comes to what materials are chosen for a building. With the consideration of how wireless signals and frequency waves will pass through a new building left as an afterthought.

Materials such as wood, drywall, plastics, and glass can all impede cellular signal; while materials such as tin, copper, silver, aluminum, and many others can completely block the signal. All these materials are becoming more and more common in modern construction; making consistent wireless performance incredibly difficult to achieve.

How it Works

Although it’s not a particularly well-known name for a technology that’s been around for quite a few years, Cellular Amplification Systems is a cell phone signal booster system that enables the use of wireless devices, technologies, and applications indoors—where a signal was previously weak or unavailable before.

No matter the application, industry, or organization, a Cellular Amplification Systems provides essential functionality, convenience, and even critical safety capabilities—not to mention generating more revenue and exponentially improving guest experience and customer satisfaction. Giving your property reliable coverage and instant access to essential wireless applications, a Cellular Amplification Systems is comprised of three main components.


  • The Donor Antenna: The outdoor antenna that the signal amplifier connects to.
  • The Signal Amplifier: The device that takes the donor antenna’s original signal and amplifies it.
  • The Indoor Antenna: Rebroadcasting the amplified signal indoors and delivering reception where a signal previously couldn’t reach.

Brands We Carry


WilsonPro's customizable cellular repeater systems amplify cell coverage for all carriers across all industries.


Nextivity Inc. develops award-winning Cel-Fi products that optimize cellular coverage in Commercial and Hospitality.

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